Dialogue Education was established in 2007 to provide practical support for teachers and administrators.
Assistance is provided to schools interested in developing collaborative, creative and critical thinking skills.
We present stimulating seminars for teachers, provide useful and engaging resources for teachers to use in
the classroom and we provide a consultancy service for schools where schools want to improve students
skills in critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.
Dialogue Education
ABN 53 345 326 968
We work closely with various educational bodies including each of the member associations of the Federation
of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations. (FAPSA) This includes the Victorian Association of
Philosophy in Schools (VAPS) The Association for Philosophy in Schools of WA (APIS), the Philosophy in
Schools Association of NSW, The Queensland Philosophy Education Network (QPEN) and the Philosophy
for Children Association of New Zealand. We produce technologically sophisticated, age appropriate
resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Recently we have developed a series of exciting initiatives
promoting critical thinking collaborative learning called Ethics Olympiads and Philosothons.
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