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This teaching package provides essential resources to help teachers introduce periods of stillness and silence in the classroom. Stillness and Silence can give students a different and valuable learning experience. These resources will help students gain confidence, courage and inner peace through carefully crafted visualizations and relaxation exercises appropriate to school aged children (R-12). The second CD contains recordings for teachers to use in the classroom. Other resources are available on-line to schools that purchase this package. These resources are appropriate for teachers that have never used periods of stillness and silence in the classroom or teachers who are looking for new resources in the area.

  •   Guidelines on how to use meditation 
        with class groups.
  •   Peer Pressure
  •   Aiming High
  •   Dealing with fears
  •   Preparing for Learning
  •   Passing Exams
  •   Breathing Exercise
  •   The Garden
  •   Creativity
  •   The Worry Tree
  •   Being Flexible and Forgiving
  •   Peer Pressure
  •   Aiming High
  •   Dealing with fears
  •   Preparing for Learning
  •   Passing Exams
  •   Overcoming Obstacles
  •   The Wind
  •   Gaining Perspective-Travel
  •   Flexibility and Strength
  •   Clear Sight / Clarity of Purpose
  •   Pathway to success

  Audio Recordings
  • A breathing exercise.
  • The Garden - This meditation enables students
    to deal with fears and anxieties.
  • The Beach- This meditation is useful for students
   worrying about things at home or at school.
  • Preparing for Learning- this meditation
   allows students some space to work on their goals
   and encourages then to achieve their goals.
  • Overcoming Obstacles- Difficult situations
   arise in student’s lives from time to time and
   this meditation has been developed to help
   students  overcome these obstacles
  • Loneliness- Come to me and Rest-
    A meditation on Christian Scripture.
  • An introduction to Christian Meditation
    - Fr Laurance Freeman
  •  An introduction to Buddhist meditation
  •  Guided Loving Kindness - A Buddhist
•   Background Music for Meditation
The cost for the CD ROM, Site Licence and access to all online resources is $198 (GST Included)
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