•        Gold Coast- Wed 2nd May - A.B Paterson College

•        Brisbane- Thurs 3rd May - Churchie

-        Townsville- Friday 4th May- St Patrick's College

•        Perth - Tues 8th May - St Stephen's School

•        Adelaide- Thurs. 10th May - Pembroke School

•        Darwin - Friday 11 th May- To be announced  

•        Melbourne- Mon 14th May- Scotch College

•        Sydney- Tues 15th May- Mt St Benedict Centre

•        Canberra- Thurs 17th May- Radford College

•        Hobart-  Fri 18th May- Guilford Young College

•        Auckland-  Mon 21st May - King's College

•        Wellington- Wed 23rd May- Sacred Heart College

•        Christchurch-Thurs 24th May- St Andrew's College

Seminar Timing: Starts- 9.30 am-Finishes - 3.00 pm
Ethical Understanding Seminars
2018 - May
At this day-long seminar and workshop we will explore
ethical theories and see how these theories apply to issues
around human rights and responsibilities, animal rights,
environmental issues and global justice. We will help
teachers develop strategies and resources to enable their
students to gain an ethical understanding as they interrogate
issues through authentic cases such as global
warming, sustainable living and socioeconomic disparity.
Various ways to foster group inquiry, critical and creative
thinking, and co-operative teamwork will be explored.

•        How can we teach normative ethical theories i.e Natural
Law, Virtue Ethics, Kantian Ethics and Utilitarianism in a way
that fosters an ethical understanding in students?
•        What do these theories say about human rights issues,
animal rights, environmental issues and issues around
global justice?
•        What is a philosophical community of inquiry and how
can this assist students in developing ethical
•        What is an Ethics Olympiad and how can it provide
opportunities for students to engage with other students
around the world about important ethical issues?
•        I need interactive and dynamic resources I can use in the
classroom and share with my school colleagues. Can you
•        What is a Philosothon and how do students develop
ethical understandings through involvement?

The seminar will be particularly useful for teachers of English,
Civics and Citizenship, Personal Development, Philosophy
and Ethics, Gifted and Talented, Curriculum co-ordinators,
Chaplains, Religious Education teachers, Principals, Deputy
Principals and Curriculum Co-ordinators.

Matthew Wills is the Head of Philosophy, Values and
Religion at Hale School in Perth Western Australia. He
has worked in excellent independent schools in NSW,
SA and W.A. Up until 2007 he was the Chief Executive
Officer for DAN, a network of over 450 Australasian
schools and universities. He was awarded the
Winston Churchill Fellowship in 2009 and an Australia
Award in 2013 from the federal government for
excellence in teaching. He is an executive member of
the WA Association of Philosophy in Schools. He has
completed level 1 and level 2/3 training in P4C and he
has been instrumental in the successful introduction
and growth of various popular initiatives designed to
promote critical and creative thinking including
Philosothons and Ethics Olympiads. In 2015 he was
awarded the Outstanding Professional Service Award
from the Professional Teaching Council of Western
Critical Thinking Seminars
2018 -
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