Over 500 schools are using Dialogue Education resources.

Over 400 schools are using enrichment programs that Dialogue Education created and supports.

Feedback from previous seminars:
•        What an inspiring day! I feel resources and equipped to better run my COIs
•        I would have loved another day
•        I loved the sense of community, collaboration and enquiry. Thank-you!
•        The COI - awesome fun also the Kahoot game.
•        An amazingly generous number of resources is given to all.
•        Experiencing what the students do in a COI. Learning more about the available competitions.
•        Matthew is a great facilitator It was great PD.
•        Great tips for classroom activities. The COI was great Thanks
•        I need to re-evaluate what we are doing with our Philosophy Club in our school.
•        The take home resources are great and will be useful.
•        Matthews presentation was inspiring and enthusiastic.
•        I loved the engagement in the COI inquiry practice. I loved the knowledge and experience of the presented.
        Thank-you Matthew for your energy and knowledge.